“I was much more calm all week.”

I was much more calm all week when I participated in Julie's Yoga Therapy for Anxiety Class. I also was able to use some techniques like breathing and simple stretches to help when I felt my anxiety level going up. I would HIGHLY recommend this class to others. I would especially recommend it to those with little experience with yoga since they will likely not know how helpful yoga can be. It helped me feel so much more relaxed and more able to deal with my anxiety.

— Julie K

“I felt so relaxed.”

I am a type 2 diabetic and stress highly effects my glucose levels. I was under extreme stress for 3 months prior to my work with Julie. My levels were running high at about 190. After my second session with Julie, I felt so relaxed that I decided to check my glucose level to see if it had made a difference. My reading was 160, which is in range!! It was wonderful to see the direct correlation between the work I was doing with Julie, and how it was affecting my health!

— Pam

Julie has a very calming, encouraging, and supportive manner. Her instruction is effectively differentiated to accommodate many different levels of ability. She provides a safe and accepting environment.

— Kris


“Therapeutic yoga with Julie will change my life.”

If I do my part, therapeutic yoga with Julie will change my life. Julie certainly is doing her part. I have arthritic knees and a surgically repaired shoulder that limit my movement and function. Working with Julie has given me a level of confidence that I can independently use yoga in the future to vastly improve my movement and comfort. Each week Julie has a plan specifically tailored to the needs of my mind and body. She follows up within a day or two of my session with emailed specific reminders and directions regarding what we worked on. Julie’s professionalism is supported by her warmth, patience and kindness. She is accessible, responsive and organized. Julie applies her depth of knowledge to my very specific needs. Plus she’s fun. I plan to work with Julie again in the future. Not sure I can live without her.

— Anne

“Julie is an incredible resource for your child.”

 Julie is an incredible resource for your child. She has worked with both of my children on different things and was effective with both of them.  She is able to develop fast rapport with all kinds of kids.  As a former teacher and child sympathizer she is able to bridge the "school world" with the "kid world" and work with kids on creative new ideas to manage their educational experience more effectively.  With my youngest she provided math tutoring.  She was also able to consult with him about how to manage his experience with his teacher more effectively.  I think he always felt like she understood him and was on his side.  With my eldest, they did yoga together.  They worked on helping him to manage impulsivity and blurting out in the classroom.  He felt that she was easy to talk to and felt she had endless creative ideas for how to be more mindful in the classroom and more self-aware.  Julie is incredibly insightful about kids and has an awesome ability to see the best in kids and help them to see the goodness in themselves.  I would recommend her to any family!!"

— Jeannine

“Julie was so patient.”

Julie was so patient with those of us that were less flexible or novices. I looked forward to a quiet time to unwind and release the stress of the day. She encouraged us to try at our own level and showed alternative positions.

— Deb

“Julie exudes a genuine passion for yoga.”

Julie exudes a genuine passion for yoga and embraces it as a way of life. She is a gentle presence during yoga. Julie made me feel comfortable during class and also pushed me to try new things.

— Lisa.

Julie is an amazing teacher/human being. She not only cares about her job and teaching you something, but she cares about you and how you learn and adapts her teaching to what you need. Julie is an amazing teacher and I would recommend her to anybody!

— Max, 14 year’s old